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About me - A Biography

Born in Longview Washington, I did a lot of moving around the USA while I was growing up; living in three different locations in Washington state, then Hawaii, New Mexico, New York and ultimately California before moving back to a fourth location in Washington where I now reside.

Happily married to my longtime sweetheart (27 years and counting!) and father of two strapping (6'3") boys, I am truly blessed.

I've been an avid reader and experimenter all of my life. I've dabbled in metal sculptures, movie making, scrapbooking, sound effects technician, narrating, watercolors, poetry, computer programming, game making, artistic photography, journalism, magazine publishing and probably more that I can't think of now. But my first love was always books, and from early on I wanted to write my own.

The adventure of my big solo motorcycle trip gave me the impetus to finally get serious about writing. Instead of playing around and having fun writing fan-fiction I decided to try and make something actually worthwhile. That was three novels (and counting) ago and my desire to create new worlds for others to enjoy has not dimmed.


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