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riting has been a passion of mine from my early days when I was in elementary school and wrote an H.P. Lovecraft inspired short story. It received an A- from the teacher. The minus was because in one section I wrote "the room was torn apart as though a cyclone had hit it" and my teachers comment was "if a cyclone had hit the building, the walls would not still be standing."

Despite the critics I persevered and fortunately I have progressed some since those early days but I never lost my enjoyment of good stories or my desire to create my own.


Deathgrip on the HandlebarsDeath Grip On The Handlebars
A full length non-fiction novel recounting my purchase of a motorcycle and subsequent solo journey across the United States. Featuring an unflinchingly honest and humorous look at the attempts of a total novice to make sense of the complex byzantine world of motorcycles and to navigate the strange and unfamiliar situations found while riding one.


Tales of Dungheap FortressTales of Dungheap Fortress
A full length fantasy novel featuring a fortress with a unique 'problem.'

The aptly named Dungheap Fortress is the new command of disgraced commander Adama. Determined to regain his pride, even at the expense of his own men, Adama is blind to the forces gathering against him.

The leader of the lizard-men, Prince Rupal fears the changes in Dungheap Fortress bode ill for his nomads. Yet he faces a much greater danger, for the ancient evil of his race has awakened from its long slumber beneath the sands. Now the two enemies must set aside their differences and combine their strengths if they are to have any chance to survive.


Sparkling DeathSparkling Death
A full length science-fiction novel.

Mankind has conquered the stars, spreading out to populate the galaxy. Despite technological advancements the human desire for greed and profit at the expense of others still remains. What is the secret on Altruis 4? It is a secret that keeps its people in virtual slavery, a secret that millions will die for.

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