Marks Place


I am a sucker for Halloween. The tiny TOTs (Trick-Or-Treaters) in their costumes asking to be scared and then rewarded with candy always gets me. Several years ago we decided to make them earn their candy by being spooked a little bit and began building progressively more elaborate haunted houses in our garage and driveway.

Monsterlist of Halloween How-Tos
I maintain this massive list of DIY How-To pages detailing the construction of elaborate and scary Halloween props. This is not a list of kiddie crafts, but seriously spooky gory, pneumatic and animatronic scares.


My Haunts
A quick run-through of the progression of haunted garages and driveways I have constructed over the years.


Haunted How-Tos
For those interested in building their own haunted houses, I have some original props I have made over the years. Each has a detailed how-to page instructing you in their creation.


Halloween Lists
There are several mailing lists of fellow Halloween enthusiasts.