Marks Place

How To's

The links below open a new page with detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures to help you build your own spooky Halloween prop. I suggest giving them a try, you will be amazed at how little effort is required to give the TOTs (Trick Or Treaters) a great time and gain a reputation.


Joking SkeletonsLaughing Joking Skeletons How-To
My most popular prop, simple instructions for making a pair of skeletons who tell horrible jokes to each other and entertain the guests.

Giant Spider How-ToGiant Hanging Spider How-To
A complete how-to for making a gigantic (six foot long) lightweight black widow spider for haning on the side of your house. Its easier than you think!

Bulbous BuckyDisgusting Skull (a.k.a. Bulbous Bucky) How-To
Simple instructions for making a normal-looking skull immensely disgusting. Perfect for teen parties.

Hanging CageHanging Cage How-To
Complete instructions for making a hanging cage just the right size for purchased skeletons and ghouls.

Demon ThroneDemon Throne How-To
Instructions for making an impressive chair to hand out candy from.

Glowing Eye CritterGlowing Eye Critter How-To
Simple instructions for a waterproof lawn monster with glowing eyes.

Jangling Chained SkullJangling Chained Skull How-To
A complete how-to for making a moving chained-up skull inside of a sturdy support box

Laser Eye SkullLaser-Eye Vampire Skull How-To
Instructions for using cheap laser-pointers to make impressive eyes in a skull

Glowing Eye PortraitGlowing Eye Portrait How-To
Simple instructions for making a quick and easy wall portrait with glowing eyes.

Super Easy Monster-In-The-Box (a.k.a. SEMITB) How-To
Instructions for making a cardboard box shake like a monster is inside.


Animated Werewolf Hack
Instructions for how to hack an animated bear lawn ornament into a werewolf. by Marc A. Stevens