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Sparkling Death Sparkling Death


"Great story, part comedy, part scifi, and part kinky, LOL."
                                                                         - Chris

"Thanks for the great rollercoaster ride Mark. Vance reminded me a lot of Han Solo - great characters. Looking forward to seeing them developed even further in your next book."
                                                                         - Richard Robinson


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Mankind has conquered the stars, spreading out to populate the galaxy. Despite technological advancements the human desire for greed and profit at the expense of others still remains. What is the secret on Altruis 4? It is a secret that keeps its people in virtual slavery, a secret that millions will die for.

Vance Slater and his team careen from the shark-infested depths of Ligos to the pleasure palaces of Nuvo and into the limitless depths of space in an effort to find an answer. As the Confederation descends into war only Vance has a chance of stopping the hostilities, but he will have to act fast for closing in is an unstoppable foe that controls the power of absolute zero.

Featuring a fast-paced action-packed story with just a bit of sexiness, Sparkling Death will take you on a roller-coaster ride through the technology and adventure of tomorrow.


   Joan’s control of the space stations defenses were causing the distraction they hoped for. The station was in complete chaos. Ships hovered in holding patterns while their captains argued loudly with station personnel. A few tried to dock despite the warnings and Joan burned off several non-essential antennas convincing them to abandon their approaches. The ships were simple orbital landers and did not contain deep space drives, their only other option was to land on the planets surface again, but with the bomb about to destroy it nobody was taking that option. They stayed where they were and waited impatiently.
    The station technicians punched controls and frantically tried to gain a sense of what was happening and gain some measure of control. The stations commander was now purple in the face from screaming at his staff.

    “Pull the plug on the dammed thing,” he roared, “we will do everything by hand if we have to.”

    “Sir, have you tried the master override?” a tech asked.

    “Of course I have, you idiot!” he yelled, “The dammed computer keeps saying I am an imposter and it won’t listen to me. I want it turned off. Disconnected. Ripped out of its socket and ejected into space, is that clear!”

    “Yes sir, but the only way is down in computer central control.”

    “Then get a team down there and melt it into slag if you have to but I want control of my station back!”

   Joan, Tiffani and John heard the exchange over the com unit. “Time to put plan ‘B’ into effect,” Tiffani told Joan.

    In security headquarters, the chief of station security wondered what was going on. He could tell the station was operating strangely, people were rushing frantically down the corridors and nobody seemed to know why. His calls to central control had not been answered. A light on the com unit flashed, it was not a light that flashed very often. A direct connection between the station computer and the security office was a rare event.

    “Security station personnel,” came the flat metallic voice of Joan mimicking the station’s computer, “this is a code-red lockdown. Computer override code A-11-1A. The station has been infiltrated by attacking personnel who have disguised themselves as base personnel. Secure all class 1 areas of the ship and prevent movement of all base personnel pending positive identification.”

    “Message received and understood,” the chief’s face grew worried, no wonder everyone is panicking, nobody knows who is real and who isn’t. His mission was clear, lock everything down and prevent an overrun of the station by foreigners dressed as ships personnel. He flashed the red signal to his team.

    In the small hospital wing, the chief medical officer wondered what was going on. Military personnel and technicians were running back and forth and the station seemed to be in the grip of a panic. His increasingly urgent queries to central control had been ignored.

    At last the com unit flashed on his console. With a grateful sigh he mashed the button, “what is it, what has been happening?”

    “All medical personnel,” came the stations flat computer voice, “This is a class 1 quarantine emergency. Infection patterns indicate personnel from the surface carried an unknown airborne contagion into the station. Approximately twenty eight percent of the station population is now infected. Early symptoms indicate infected individuals suffer from delusions which quickly turn violent.”

    The chief medical officer when confronted with a medical emergency of such magnitude did not stop to ask how the computer could know all of the data, his instincts and training took over.

    “Prepare all of the medical staff,” he shouted into his mike, “with airborne contagion suits. Warn them that the patients suffer from delusions and may become violent, anyone who acts strangely or who seems to believe anything unusual should be tranquilized. Send medical personnel to each key area of the station and interview everyone passing through. We will try and stop this thing before it gets any further.”

    Tiffani sat back in satisfaction as the com unit vibrated with the intensity of all the overlapping yelling, questions, conflicting orders and commands going on simultaneously. John had spent his time at the panel for the control room doors and finally grunted with success. When he keyed a short code into the panel the heavy blast door slid into place, protecting them from any spying eyes.



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